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General FAQ

Where is LabPLUS located?

LabPLUS is located at Auckland City Hospital, Grafton, Auckland, New Zealand.

It has specimen collection services at:

  • Level 6, Support Building, Auckland City Hospital,
  • Level 3, Starship Childrens Hospital and
  • Outpatient Reception, Greenlane Clinical Centre.

Who is LabPLUS? Is it part of the Diagnostic Medlab (DML) or Labtests Auckland (LTA)?

LabPLUS is part of Te Whatu Ora | Te Toka Tumai Auckland. It is state-owned and is not associated with either DML or LTA.

How many staff work at LabPLUS?

We have over 450 highly qualified, motivated and dedicated staff who provide expert diagnostic capability and advice in all areas of Laboratory technology.

I need to send a referred specimen to LabPLUS; what do I need to do?

Please contact LabPLUS Lablink for assistance on:

Phone: (+64 9) 307 8995

Toll free 0800 522 7587 ("0800 LABPLUS")

Where can I park when visiting LabPLUS?

There is a Wilson public carpark on the left a short distance along the road (2 minute walk) and another Wilson public carpark is accessible from the Park Road entrance to the hospital.

Patient FAQ

Can I ask for some blood tests on myself?

It is LabPLUS policy not to perform collection, testing, or sample dispatch on self requesting patients or requests from non-medically trained practitioners (e.g. naturopaths). Please contact your General Practioner.

I have a laboratory test request from a GP or specialist. Can I get my sample taken at LabPLUS?

Most community referred laboratory testing are to be collected at your nearest Labtests collection centre. Some special tests or private paying referrals can be collected at LabPLUS. Please check with your health professional. 

What do I need to bring when having blood collected?

You will need to bring a request form for laboratory tests signed by your doctor.

How do I get a copy of my results?

If you would like a copy of your laboratory results we recommend you discuss this with your doctor.

Clinical FAQ

I have a question about my patients results; who I can discuss this with?

Please contact LabPLUS who will direct you to the appropriate pathologist or clinician.

Phone: (+64 9) 307 8995

Toll free 0800 522 7587 ("0800 LABPLUS")