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Automation and Laboratory Support Services

The extensive range of analytes and referral testing offered by us provides our clients with a service that is focused and unique. The Automation and Laboratory Support Services (ALSS) Department consists of the following sections: Specimen Services, Automation, Tissue Management and Clinical Research and Trials.

The department has recently installed the Modular pre Analytics (MPA) system, the Cobas 8000 series automated platforms and the p701 fridge. These are designed to enhance laboratory efficiency throughout the pre-analytical to post-analytical workflow process for the high throughput Biochemistry tests.  This not only optimises laboratory efficiency but also accuracy.

The experienced Chemical Pathologists, Scientists and technical staff can assist in providing an in depth clinical interpretation of tests and specimen requirements for testing.

Key Contacts

At LabPLUS we receive specimens from ADHB and other external referring laboratories throughout New Zealand. Specimen Services is responsible for the registration and pre-analytical processing of a variety of patient specimens for analysis. Some tests are sent from LabPLUS to external reference laboratories, both nationally and internationally.

Key contact

Technical Specialist Oscar Lau

The automated general chemistry section uses a variety of computer interfaced, state of the art equipment to deliver quality results with quick turn around times. We offer up to 70 general and specialist chemistries, therapeutic drug analysis, and cardiac and tumour marker assays. By continually investigating new automated assays and innovation, we strive to improve our role as a modern quality health care provider. Our main analysers are linked to a modular pre-analytical system that automates centrifugation and aliquotting of samples, reducing errors and standardising turnaround times.

The Automation Section is proud to be the only New Zealand Laboratory taking part in the CDC Lipid Standardisation Programme. By being involved in clinical studies and by maintaining the expertise to manage non-routine testing, this section is able to keep abreast with changes and innovations.

Key contact

Section Leader Viv Goldsmith

The Tissue Management section receives requests from patients for the return of tissue / body part specimens that have been sent to the laboratory for testing or storage.

All body part / tissue specimens sent to the laboratory and ultimately requiring ‘return to patient’ must be accompanied by a ‘Body Part / Tissue Release’ form (CR2547). Body parts / tissues for return to patient are generally available for return 5 – 6 weeks after arrival. Body parts / tissue sent for storage only prior to return are generally available within 1 – 2 days and must be collected from LabPLUS.

Key contact

Section Leader Frances Murray