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Drug Testing

Evidential Drug Testing

LabPLUS is an accredited hospital laboratory that provides drug testing for clinical specimens only.

Evidential drug testing for certification, legal or evidential reasons is no longer performed.

Key contact

  • Business Development and Contract Manager Ross Hewett

Secondary Schools are experiencing a greater awareness of drug and alcohol abuse by their students both in and out of school. Part of the school’s policy on managing this trend may be the requirement to have the student’s urine tested for drugs especially cannabis and occasionally methamphetamine (P). This could be for counselling and compliance reasons, especially where an agreement has been developed between the student, their parents or guardians and the school. This non-punitive approach is proving to be successful within schools where a supportive counselling programme has been adopted with students who have been identified as either having an established drug habit or are experimenting with drugs. A robust, but non-evidential (cannot be used for legal purposes) process for this type of testing has been developed by LabPLUS, Auckland City Hospital. Screening test will include processes designed to eliminate cheating and a kit that will facilitate the simple collection of a sample within the school.

Please Contact Business Development, LabPLUS Phone (09) 307 8995, Toll Free 0800 522 7587 0800 LabPLUS

Community Alcohol & Drug Services (CADS) Auckland offers free services funded through the Waitemata District Health Board, to anyone in the Auckland region wanting to talk about an alcohol or drug-related question, issue or problem.

Our discreet counselling service aims to reduce the harm your drinking or drug taking may be causing.

If you are looking for information or help for an alcohol or drug issue, for yourself or anyone else, then why not take that first step and give us a call on (09) 845 1818, have a look at our website or just drop into one of our clinics.

CADS Clinic Hours are 10am - 1pm Monday to Friday (no appointment is necessary) and the CADS Appointment Hours are 9am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.